Senior Calendar

Helpful Information for Seniors to stay on track during their last year here at GCCS.



*****Please scroll to the end of the page for a printable copy of this calendar.  It will also be mailed home and put in student mailboxes here at school at the beginning and toward the end of the school year.*****

July 2017



Dear 2017-2018 Seniors and their Families:


Welcome to your child’s senior year!  We would like to give you an insight of what to expect for the upcoming year.  We have collectively put together this information to ensure a great year.  Although dates have been set at this time, some dates may change due to circumstances beyond our control.   Please continue to check the school calendar on our school website


Please plan for the following dates:

September 15, 2017                Dance

September 2017                      Financial Aid Night – 6:00 PM meeting with Mr.  Ringuette and                                        guest speaker from Cobleskill on Financial Aid Assistance

October 2017                          College Information Day @ SUNY at Cobleskill (trip)

                                             Senior Pictures/other photos due to Yearbook (see      attached yearbook information)

February 2018                         Order Graduation Announcements from Jostens.     

TBD                                        Senior Trip

May 2018                                Gilboa Graduation Scholarship forms due.

June 22, 2018                          Graduation – 7:00 PM (Gymnasium)


The class will be selling refreshments at home basketball games.


Enclosed please find information from the Yearbook Advisor, Guidance Department, and other important dates in May & June.  *Again, these dates are tentative and could change so please check the school calendar.


If you have any questions about this information, please contact the school.



from the Yearbook Staff


            Senior year is just around the corner.  We are sure that one of the many things you have been looking forward to is having your Senior Portraits taken.  We are sending this friendly reminder that this year’s deadline for Senior Portraits and other photos requested by Yearbook (see below) will be Friday, October 27, 2017It is important to meet this deadline in order to produce a yearbook in a timely manner.  Please make sure you share this deadline with your photographer!


We realize that you will be using photographers of your choice.  However, this practice may produce photos of different quality.  In order to produce a quality yearbook we have provided some guidelines to be followed. 

**PLEASE plan ahead and choose one horizontal and one vertical image in case the senior page layout requires a horizontal photo.  For the past few years, yearbook staff has chosen senior layouts that have been horizontal.  In an effort to avoid having to retouch or alter the photos that you have had taken, please try to arrange for a selection in each layout. **


Format/Size Specifications:  

  • Digital Image (preferred) –
  • 300 dpi, 2 ¼” x 3 ½” or larger (bigger is better, we can always reduce the size/quality later, but this cannot be increased without loss of image quality).
  • jpg file format image submitted on CD or Flash Drive


Additional Tips & Guidelines:

  • We have taken photos of seniors when hardships arise.  Please contact Mrs. Tompkins at the school by September 8th, 2017 if you would like her to take your picture.  You will need to have prints made yourself, but you will receive a CD containing all images.
  • The school photos taken by LifeTouch are scheduled early enough that you could use that one if all else fails.  Please plan on having your photo taken with LifeTouch – just in case.   
  • If you are not having a professional photographer take your photos, please be sure that whoever is taking the photos utilizes the largest image setting on their camera to avoid resolution issues.
  • A lighter background will produce a better looking photo in the yearbook and in newspaper publications.  Please do not digitally alter the photographs yourself.  Let a professional or the Yearbook staff work with you if alterations are necessary.
  • Sitting Date:  should be scheduled before August 15th, (turn around time is longer than you think – please plan ahead for yearbook purposes).
  • Some suggested photographers are:

Grant Digital Photography, Gilboa – (518) 322-3776

Jamie Lynn Zambri – (607) 437-0220

Farmside Photography – (607) 644-7700

Up Country Photo, Oneonta – (607) 432-5311

J P Photo, Hobart – (607) 538-1574


Additional Information (details to follow from Yearbook Staff):

  • Families will be able to purchase AD SPACE in the 2018 Reflector.  ¼ page, ½ page, or 1 full page ad space will be available. You may also include photos, special poems, etc. 
  • A BABY photo will be requested along with 3 other photos of your choosing, for the senior section of the yearbook.  Please make copies of these pictures before sending them in as Yearbook cannot guarantee their safe return.
  • Seniors will go to a site in our district for a class photo. (Date to be announced)


*It is important to remember that the Reflector is a Pre-K-12 Yearbook.  Therefore, please use your best judgment when reviewing content for the above required submissions.  The district reserves the right to request replacement photos if any submissions are deemed inappropriate. 


Announcements will be mailed, and announced in school, with DEADLINES stated.  All deadlines need to be met in order to ensure a quality yearbook.  We want this yearbook to be the best it can be, and with your help and support the yearbook will be great!

                We hope you start thinking about the above information and start scheduling appointments as needed.  If you should have any further questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us.



Kristin Tompkins

Yearbook Advisor







The senior year is an extremely busy one…

Many seniors are highly involved in extracurricular activities.  Make sure you begin the year focused both on academics and completing your college applications in a timely manner.  Ideally you should have all applications complete and submitted by December 1st.  This takes a tremendous amount of hard work and lots of coordination between you, your parents, your teachers, and the Guidance Department.


  • Ask at least two teachers from your junior or senior year to write a letter of recommendation for you.  Make sure you appropriately show your appreciation for their efforts.
  • Attend Financial Aid Night at GCCS.
  • Begin working on your applications, particularly the essays.
  • Register for the October SAT and/or ACT exams or the November SAT exams
  • Continue to visit colleges you are interested in and establish contact with the admission representatives for our area.  Email is an excellent tool for open lines of communication between you and college admission personnel.
  • Begin the year with a strong focus on academics.  Senior year grades are extremely important.


  • Participate in a “Senior Interview” with your guidance counselor and your parents.  Be prepared to discuss those colleges to which you will apply and be familiar with each college’s application deadlines, particularly if you plan to apply as an early decision or early action candidate.
  • Submit the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) online.  Go to for details.
  • Continue to work on your applications.  If you are applying to a SUNY college you should have your SUNY common application submitted by the end of October.
  • An early decision/early action application with a November 1st deadline should be complete and submitted by the third week in October.  Do not wait until the last minute.
  • Check to see if private colleges you are applying to require submission of the CSS Profile.  Visit for details.
  • Take the SAT and /or ACT exams.
  • Visit colleges and keep in contact with admissions personnel.  Meet with college representatives that come to GCCS (check the guidance office for a list of college reps scheduled to visit).
  • Concentrate on academics.  Your first semester grades and updated cumulative GPA and class rank will be sent to the colleges that you have applied.


  • Take the SAT if you need to do so.
  • Continue to work on applications.
  • An early decision/early action application with a November 15th deadline should be complete and submitted by November 1st.
  • Any application with a December 1st deadline should be complete and submitted by the third week in November.
  • Most college applications should be complete and submitted by the end of November
  • Continue to work hard in school.  Your first semester grades and updated cumulative GPA and class rank will be sent to the colleges that you have applied.


  • Your goal should be to complete and submit all applications by December 1st.
  • Take the December SAT and/or ACT exams if you need to do so.
  • Remember to notify your guidance counselor of any admissions decisions you receive.
  • Keep working hard in school.  Remember your first semester grades and updated cumulative GPA and class rank will be sent to the colleges that you have applied.  College admission is conditional on your senior year grades being at or above the level at which they stood when you applied.


  • Search and apply for scholarships.  Go to for a free scholarship search.  Also, check the scholarship information located in the Guidance Office and be sure to check your senior mailbox for scholarship opportunities.
  • Continue to keep your guidance counselor informed of any admissions decisions you receive.
  • Maintain your focus on academics.



  • Notify your guidance counselor of all admissions decision you receive.
  • If you applied for financial aid you should receive a Financial Award Letter from those colleges you submitted information to.  The aid you receive may be critical in helping you decide what college you will attend.
  • Continue to search and apply for scholarships.
  • Once you have decided which college you will attend, make sure to send your tuition deposit by May 1st.
  • Write letters of declining acceptances to colleges you do not plan to attend.
  • Continue to perform at a high academic level.  Finish strong!







---MAY & JUNE 2018 ---



SPRING 2018:

Senior Trip ---



Graduation Rehearsal – this is for ALL GRADUATES!

            1:15 – 2:00 PM in the Gymnasium.  The seniors will practice for graduation and be acquainted with the procedures that take place at graduation.  Reserved seat tickets will be handed out at rehearsal.  This means you are entitled to reserve seating on the floor section at the graduation ceremony.  Additional guests may sit in the unreserved seats or bleachers.

The Class of 2018 photo (in cap & gown) will follow rehearsal.




Locker Clean Out:

            Seniors will clean out their lockers and take care of all outstanding obligations (lunch bill paid, uniforms turned in, all books handed in, etc.)  Diplomas will be held if obligations have not been fulfilled.



NCOC Completer Ceremony – 7:00 PM

            Held at the Gilboa-Conesville Central School Gymnasium (Seniors attending NCOC will participate in this event.  They do need to have their cap & gown for ceremony.)



Senior PowerPoint Presentation to Parents:  6:00 PM-7:30 PM

            6:00 PM in the Auditorium.  A note will come home with details.



Baccalaureate Service 

            Time:  TBD / Location:  TBD



GRADUATION – 7:00 PM (small reception to follow in the cafeteria)

            -  All graduates please remember to bring your CAP & GOWN!  We ask each graduate to dress appropriately for the graduation ceremony.