Classroom Rules and Expectations


Mrs. Wyckoff



Ø  Respect yourself and ALL others.  (No fighting/No name calling and No Put Downs)

Ø  Work to the best of your ability: no cheating, do your fair share of work in group work and follow teacher’s directions.

Ø  There will be no interruptions of any kind, this includes:  tapping, noise or yelling.

Ø  When the teacher is conducting a lecture, it is the student’s responsibility to listen and allow all other students the opportunity to learn; this includes remaining at your desk.

Ø  During discussions, students must raise their hands in order to speak.

Ø  There will be no yelling and no fooling around during lessons; students are to stay on task so that all in the room are given the opportunity to learn.

Ø  There is to be no use of electronic devices of any kind in the science room unless they are given to you by the teacher.

Ø  Students are not allowed in the teacher’s desk unless told to do so.

Ø  Students are to sit at student desks and stools ONLY, not the teacher’s desk.



Ø  A student's grade will be determined on a percentage basis.  The following breakdown will occur for a student's grade:


1.       60 % = Tests/Quizzes/Projects

2.      30 % = Labs/Lab Quizzes

3.      10 % = Homework


Ø  You will have a vocabulary quiz every Wednesday at the beginning of class.  These quizzes are meant to be "easy points" to keep your grades up.

Ø  If for some reason school is cancelled and we are scheduled to have a quiz or test, expect the test the next day, even if it is going to fall on a Monday.

Ø  There will be NO EXTRA CREDIT.  Just complete all assigned work to a quality level and you will be fine.




Ø  Lab write-ups are due upon completion of the lab, labs will not be accepted one week after completion date.

Ø  There is no tolerance for fooling around in lab, if this happens the student will be removed from the lab situation.  This removal may be for the rest of the year depending

on severity of situation.

Ø  Absolutely NO food or drinks allowed at lab stations.  Due to the laboratory nature of the room, this is considered a health risk.

Ø  Students are not allowed in chemical closet for safety reasons. 

Ø  If labs are completed in an unacceptable manner, the student will be asked to redo the lab. 

Ø  Labs are a big piece of your grade and help you on the Regents, they will be graded accordingly.

Ø  Lab groups will be randomly chosen by the teacher and you are to remain at your lab table at all times, it is NOT a time to socialize.



Amendment to Humane Education Law (New York Education Law §809)


The key points of the amended law, which went into effect July 1, 2011, are summarized as follows:

Any student expressing a moral or religious objection to the performance or witnessing of the dissection of an animal shall be provided the opportunity to complete an alternative assignment or project.  The student’s parent or legal guardian must verify the objection in writing to the Building Principal and teacher prior to the beginning of the dissection.   The alternate assignment or project assigned will be approved by the teacher and completed by the student.



Due to the fact that you will be practicing for taking the Regents all year long the following rules will be followed during the administration of all tests.

Ø  Absolutely no talking or a zero will be your grade.

Ø  No getting out of your seat.

Ø  Raise hand after completed with test, I will collect it from you.

Ø  Absolutely no electronic devices are to be present or your grade will be a zero.

Ø  You must bring something with you to work on after the test so that you remain silent until all are finished with the test.



Ø  You are enrolled in a Regents Course; this means that you are REQUIRED to take the Regents Examination at the end of the year.

Ø  If you are not eligible to take the Regents due to lack of laboratory minutes, you are still REQUIRED to take the Regents Exam as your final grade.  The score you receive will only count toward your overall average for the year and NOT for credit towards a Regents course meaning you will retake the class again next year for credit. 



Ø  It is the student’s responsibility to obtain work missed when absent.  Be sure to check the “Missed Work” wall when you return.

Ø  It is the student’s responsibility to make time to make-up missed quizzes or tests.  Student will receive one week from missed quiz or test to make it up.  If it is not made up in this time frame, a zero will be recorded in the book.