Graduation Requirements

High School Academic Program

Course and Examination Requirements

Unit of study means at least 180 minutes of instruction per week throughout the school year, or the equivalent.

Required Subjects Regents Regents Diploma with Diploma Advanced Designation
English 4 units 4 units
Social Studies 4 units 4 units
Mathematics 3 units 3 units
Science 3 units 3 units
Second Language 1 unit* 3 units*
Health ½ unit ½ unit
Art and/or Music 1 unit 1 unit
Electives 3 ½ units 1 ½ units
Physical Education 2 units 2 units
Total 22 units 22 units
Sequence Requirements

Regents Diploma
Since students must complete 3 units in Mathematics and 3 units in Science, there are no further sequence requirements.

Regents Diploma with Advanced Designation
Students must complete a sequence of 3 units in a Second Language


A 5 unit sequence in Career and Technical Education (CTE) or the Arts (dance, music, theater, and visual arts) may replace the 3 unit sequence in a Second Language.