Contact Information:

Gilboa-Conesville CSD
132 Wyckoff Road
Gilboa, NY 12076

Lori Standhart - Account Clerk/Typist
Child Nutrition Program, payroll, warrants, purchasing, accounts payable and open purchasing issues.
(607) 588-7541 Ext. 1043
Fax (607) 588-6820

Robyn Bhend  - District Treasurer

State and Federal grant applications & reporting, payroll, financial management, budget development,cash and investments, State Aid reconciliation and reporting, financial analysis, fund reconciliation, review of financial records,property tax and STAR reporting.

(607) 588-7541 Ext. 1040
Fax (607) 588-6820

Tanya Fedo - Account Clerk/Typist, Data Protection Officer, and Records Management Officer

Benefit orientation, billing, and employee deduction maintenance. Bank reconciliations, accounts receivables, and inventory controls. Student Funds Treasurer.
(607) 588-7541 Ext. 1032 Fax (607) 588-6820

Debra Brand, Claims Auditor

Carol Maxim, School Tax Collector
679 State Rt 30
Gilboa, NY 12076