The following are a few helpful links for assisting your child in their learning process.

*Please note that Gilboa-Conesville Central School does not control the content of the sites linked below--they are entirely the responsibility of the respective webmasters. While we believe these sites to be generally of high quality, parents should carefully monitor their children's use of the Internet to ensure that specific sites do not contain links to more questionable content.*

Engage NY Parent Toolkit
The Common Core Toolkit for Parents and Families is a collection of materials and resources that will help parents and families understand the New York State Common Core implementation. We encourage schools and districts to leverage these resources when reaching out to parents on this important work.

This website offers a section devoted to the "literate home," which includes tips for setting up literacy-rich home environments for children.

PBS Kids
If you are a busy parent, here are some quick, useful and engaging expert-approved ideas to help you teach your child to read, and have fun doing it!

Creative Teaching
Learning to read is a “gift that will last a lifetime and takes a partnership that begins at home and continues in school.” This site lists tips and information that you can do to encourage your child to read.

Reading is FundamentalEncouraging children to become lifelong readers...This website also lists various ways you, as a parent, can help create a literacy rich home and have your child become a lifelong reader.

Family Education
This site offers fifty very creative activities for encouraging reading and writing skills

The Bookspot
This is the spot for books! Find out what to read and where to buy books as well as other noteworthy news for you and your child!

The Bookhive
Parents! What are your children reading? Do they enjoy Fantasy? Fiction? Mystery? Classical? Find out the latest Buzz on the latest books! Search for the perfect book for your perfect child

Weekly Reader
This popular magazine now has a great site! Find books and activities selected by Weekly Reader that will bring new ways for you and your child to enjoy learning at home. From classic books and fun activities to workbooks that help develop your child's skills. Weekly Reader has a full collection of products for families!

Family Education
Are your children in need of improving state test scores? Do they have trouble in reading and writing?? Well, visit this site to learn how to help your child in school

Reading Rockets
From the moment your child is born, there are simple things you can do to help him or her become a lifelong reader. The following pages are a step-by-step guide to what parents can do to raise a reader.

Math And Reading Help

Ask Dr. Math

If you have a question related to math, then it's most likely been answered here!

  • Yahooligans!

  • The first web guide for kids, this handy resource leads users to content appropriate for children. The Yahooligans! interface retains the familiar look and feel of the popular Yahoo! site while integrating more youth-oriented graphics.

Family Education Network
A unique membership-based online service designed to help families get more involved in their children's education.

Family Fun
Check out this award-winning Web site which focuses on innovative activities for families and practical ideas for busy parents.

National PTA
Click here to see how parents can be educational partners.
Keep your kids safe online. You'll find parental guides to understanding online safety issues, links to safe sites for kids of all ages, and tips to protect your family's privacy online. or
Translate your kid's cyberlanguage. It's hard to keep an eye on your kids online when you don't speak the same language. This site offers a downloadable chat lingo translator and an updated list of common acronyms used in instant messaging and text messaging. 

Tips for Talking with Teachers
Your child receives a bad grade, and you want to discuss it with her teacher without either of you getting defensive. The right words can make all the difference.

Figure This! Mathematics Challenges for Families
The Web site offered by the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics provides interesting math challenges that middle school students can do at home with their families. Looking for more math resources? NEA has compiled a list.

Additional Links:
Do you want ideas BEYOND just want you can do? This site describes steps that can be taken by ALL people involve in teaching a child to read including care givers, grandparents, church, etc
Looking for FUN ways to incorporate reading and writing into your literacy practice at home? This website provides booklets according to your child’s age: "Early Years" for infants and preschoolers, "Beginning to Read" for children through grade two, and "Encouraging the Young Reader" for older children through grade six.

Other interesting links:

Assessment Information
NYS Assessment - Information for all subject areas.

Key laws and regulations affecting district policy, home schooling, disciplinary actions and more.

New York State Learning Standards
Learning Standards, Assessments and Resources in seven Core Subject Areas, and the Learning Standards and Alternate Performance Indicators for students with severe disabilities.

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